Service means going one step further and offering more than what’s expected—like playing a encore. Service is about doing better than average, and more than the bare minimum.  To provide excellent service, you need to consider the feelings and emotions of your counterpart. What do my guests and customers need when they get in touch with me? Truly seeing your guest and speaking to their emotions is what makes all the difference.

This does not have to involve excessive expenses—in fact it shouldn’t! Small, thoughtful, and sincere gestures are what will make you stand out from many other hosts. Guests will be expecting the obvious essentials anyway, especially if this is what justifies a high entrance fee or other costs for guests and customers in their minds. That is exactly what going the extra mile is all about! Doing more than the bare minimum and thinking beyond what is objectively essential to exceed expectations and create a memorable experience for your guest.

Put yourself in the guest’s shoes and think about the little details that would make the time he or she spends at your company or at your event emotionally richer and complete. Reach out to your guests and surprise them with a positive gesture; whether it’s a friendly greeting, sending them off with a few kind words and a bottle of water for the journey, or simply opening the door for them and helping them carry their luggage to the car. Even these small gestures will remain in his memory and he will leave your premises happier – and come back again!