Life-affirming. Feminine. Stimulating.

These were the virtues we had set when Pantone announced in December 2018 that coral would be the trend color for 2019. Not just any coral – exactly the coral tone that we have adopted for our CI. And what does Pantone say about the trend color? It’s a feminine tone. “A stimulating and life-affirming orange with a golden undertone” writes the renowned Pantone Color Institute.

Life-affirming? Feminine? Stimulating? These words make us feel so good that we have decided to devote our own blog post to color. Living Coral is a charming and simple color that can be casually and easily integrated into an existing design as an accent hue. It’s a color that wants to be seen and staged. It’s not overbearing, but subtle and with targeted highlights. We achieve this with small fine details on our printing and documents, for example, on our business cards, where only the edge and the logo are highlighted in a radiant coral tone.

2019 the color has also found its way into people’s homes and was recently showcased at some of the booths at the Salon del Mobile in Milan, ushering in spring and summer. It’s bright, uncomplicated and cheerful, and we look forward to seeing these accents in living rooms and offices. This color can be combined with neutral tones such as white, midnight blue and steel blue. Why blue and white? Private, personal preferences. Maybe unconsciously because the HLF Krems school uniform was also blue and white! Write me and let me know what your go-to colors are and why! I look forward to hearing from you!