Proven. Resourceful. Versatile.

The origin of hospitality and service lies in the tourism and the hotel industry, where these are the core of every activity. Today, as we’re constantly confronted with digitization in our everyday life, service is more important than ever. Especially in the service industry, it is crucial to ensure excellent customer contact through the right measures.

We employ our expertise to advise you, the teams of small and large organizations, on how to optimize the experience for your guests and customers. Hospitality is like a jigsaw puzzle – many small pieces result in a perfect picture in the end.

First and foremost, we want to get to know you, your target audience and your stakeholders, your requirements and wishes. Based on this, and using your most important points of customer contact, we develop your guest flows and employee paths. It is important to us to look at both perspectives in order to design the best possible solutions.

The first impression is essential. Part of this guest experience is the furniture, the lighting and the atmosphere. Which pieces of furniture should be placed where in the service areas? Using lights, decorations, plants and music, we create the right atmosphere for you and your guests. We work with you and our partners to make sure that all the things you need for your project come from a single source.

However, a concept is only good if it is lived out – by all employees. We take care of that with you. We like to refer to this as living out corporate hospitality.

During implementation, flexibility and pragmatism are important to us, because plans take time. We look at everything on site, perceive how it is received by the guest, and actively tackle any need for change. We’re backed by our extensive experience and our sharp design, atmosphere and customer instincts.