Service oriented. Innovative. Reliable.
The origin of hospitality and service lies in tourism and the hotel industry, where these are the core of every activity. Today, with digitalization a part of everyday life, excellent service is more important than ever. Regardless of the sector – we put ourselves into your customers’ shoes.

Your added value.

Hospitality moments that turn customers into fans.

Enthusiastic, satisfied and loyal employees.

People who feel good, stay and come back.

Desirability and sales that skyrocket.

The path to your Corporate Hospitality.

We work with you to create the big picture, carefully putting all of the details in place. What can we do to delight your guests and customers? What are his expectations, needs and wishes? Which company processes could be made even more customer friendly? How can you achieve your goals as an entrepreneur while staying true to your values?

Consulting & Concepts.

Holistic. Reflected. Tailored.

As a hospitality consultant, we are the connecting link between you as an entrepreneur and your customers as guests. That’s why we’d like to get to know you, your target group and your stakeholders, as well as your needs and wishes. We’ll review your customer approach, applying a keen eye from the outside and analyzing your company’s internal processes.
We’ll dive deep into your corporate culture and the values you wish to convey.

With that as the foundation, we’ll develop a comprehensive concept for your individual customer experience. Hospitality takes into account all areas of the company, not just those in direct contact with customers.

Organization & Implementation.

Effective. Dynamic. Stress-free.

A concept is only effective if it is put into practice – by the staff as a whole. We call this corporate hospitality. Our goal is to firmly anchor hospitable conduct from all those involved in your company. We’ll help you implement this through workshops and trainings. Together, we’ll make sure that all aspects are coordinated and that we’ve got all of the pieces of the puzzle. We’ll take care of the big picture and the small details that will delight your customers and guests. During implementation, flexibility and common sense are important. We take a look at everything on site, feel how it is received and step in when changes are needed. We aren’t satisfied until you are satisfied.

Trainings & Keynotes.

Action-oriented. Unforgettable. Professional.

Learning and living hospitality – we’d like to support you and your team. In our trainings, we inspire customer-oriented thinking and action in everyday work, so that you and your team become a unique host. A host for employees, customers and guests! What can other sectors of the catering and hotel industry learn? What are the building blocks of excellent service that people remember? And what is the deciding factor when dealing with customers, digitally or in person?

Christine delights in passing on her enthusiasm for the topic through keynote speeches, workshops and lectures. She not only enjoys talking about hospitality, service and event management, she’s also keen on encouraging enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. She follows the motto “if you are passionate about something, you can light the fire in others.”

You can find a list of Christine’s current lecture topics here.