At first, it might seem obvious that being polite and friendly to your guests is something that goes without saying. But maybe exactly because these things are expected and taken for granted, it’s easier for rude or unacceptable faux pas to sneak into the way you present yourself to your customers or guests without you realizing it’s happening. People often neglect to put in the extra effort or add that special something that could really make them stand out as hosts and improve the guests experience. At large events with VIP and VVIP areas, for example, at sporting events like the World Cup, guests don’t just expect exquisite food and drinks, they also expect an impeccable, elegant setting and exceptionally friendly and competent service.

This is why it is absolutely essential to be consistent in every detail if you want to make a good impression on your guests and satisfy them! To put your best foot forward as a host or event organizer and leave a positive impression on your guests, it is important to provide the staff for the event with the right training regarding service orientation. Don’t forget, it’s the staff who will be representing the host and their values— be it a company, a brand, or an organization. If the staff behaves consistently and in a way that meets the guest’s standards, the guests will have a more positive memory of the host. Of course, a big part of successfully pulling this off is ensuring that the staff is wearing appropriate, uniform clothing. Too much makeup or jewelry can be seen as jarring or inappropriate, or a beard might not meet the hygiene standards. Communication and body language, which also includes the outward appearance of the staff,  are equally important. Gestures and facial expressions are an integral part of how we communicate with others, and we often pay more attention to these physical aspects of communication than we do to the verbal aspects.

Which situation would you make you feel more comfortable? If someone kept their hands in their pockets and told you how to get to the stadium with a bored look on their face, or if someone told you with a friendly smile where you could go to enjoy a nice dinner? Learn more about the nuances of excellent service and the do’s & don’ts for hosts, wait staff and kitchen staff in our next post!