It’s time. Time for a change. You’ve come to realize that there is an urgent need for optimization in many areas of your business. Your employees don’t feel fully at ease; your guests find the atmosphere cold and uninviting when they walk through the door. But you’re concerned about how to make a change. What is the most efficient way to increase added value for your customers and your employees? Where do you begin?

Your colleagues and employees will be devoted to the long-term satisfaction of your customers if you, as their employer or manager, are just as devoted to the well-being of your employees. That’s why nowadays, hospitality mostly begins with the optimization of internal processes and procedures. What changes can you implement to make a typical day at the office more pleasant? Does everyone truly understand corporate hospitality, meaning how we as a company take care of our employees and customers? Do we have a formal working environment, or are we all on a first-name basis? What do we offer our guests when they have an appointment with us at our offices? Is our hardware, i.e. our furniture, tableware and every other detail, in line with our corporate values? What type of customer journey are we offering our customers or guests, from the appointment setting and purchase to the goodbyes after an appointment and the follow-up? All of these processes are part of the big picture when thinking about hospitality in your own company. We recommend regularly stepping into your customer’s shoes, considering things from his perspective and taking a birds-eye view of every small detail. Today, while digitalization has the upper hand in many fields, it’s the personal details and the human touch that make the difference. That’s what we all appreciate the most.

And that applies to every business. Do you have a hotel? Then spend a night in each of your rooms once a year! You provide a service and market yourself online? Then browse through your website on a regular basis and ask yourself whether your services are clearly and understandably described! You work in a law firm? How do you feel when one of your colleagues opens the door for you at reception and invites you into a room for a meeting? Is that difficult to do? Ask a friend to do this and to give you honest, critical feedback. What particularly bothers you at appointments or what do you need in your working environment to feel more comfortable? Share your thoughts with us and as a thank you, we’ll send you a checklist to help you test the hospitality mindset in your company. We look forward to hearing from you and to an exciting exchange of ideas!