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These days, everyone is talking about “service design,” “services,” and “quality”, as the key ingredients for customer satisfaction. Happy customers are loyal customers, and loyal customers increase a company’s image, revenue and profit. For Christine, service orientation and hospitality are absolutely a matter of mentality – its the essence of customer loyalty. She delights in passing on her enthusiasm for the topic through keynote speeches, workshops and lectures.

If there’s anyone in Austria who knows about service and hospitality, it’s Christine. You can feel and hear her enthusiasm and passion as soon as she enters the room.

Christine is confident that hospitality can be learned and practiced. How can I ensure that my new team shares my passion for my company? What do customers expect when they come into my store? What are my guests looking forward to when they come to my restaurant? As hospitality trainers, we work with big and small businesses to help you and your team become aware of the things that will delight and thrill your customers and guests.

In addition to lectures, workshops and training in a professional context, Christine is particularly eager to share her experience with students. Since 2012, she has been passing on her knowledge through lectures and integrative courses at universities and technical colleges (IMC Krems, Universität Aserbaidschan, WU Executive Academy, etc.). She not only enjoys talking about hospitality, service and event management, she’s also keen on encouraging enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.


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