Around five years ago I started my own business, Friedreich Hospitality. My company began with an idea and a vision that continues to guide me today: to help businesses and hosts in every industry focus their attention on their customers, guests, and people in general. Looking back, it seems like I recognized the importance of hospitality and the qualities of good service very early on. The first step that led me to where I am today was my decision to attend the tourism school, HLF Krems. There I learned the basic tools of the trade and also gained valuable hands-on experience working in hotels and in gastronomy. In the Tyrolean town of Kufstein, I advanced my professional training with a degree in Sports, Culture and Event Management at the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences.

At the beginning of my career, whether I was working in event management or developing marketing concepts, I quickly realized that the basic principles of hospitality I had come to regard as the norm in tourism and gastronomy, were missing in these fields. It also became clear to me that instead of focusing primarily on the needs and opportunities of the company when designing products and services, companies should instead be focusing far more on the needs and wishes of their customers. For example, potential bank clients will be more willing to place their trust in your bank if they notice that their needs and requests are being taken seriously and are treated as a priority. This concept is also familiar from restaurants or hotels, where warmly welcoming guests, showing them to their table or room, asking if they need anything and making sure they feel at home are all part of providing good service.

2012 I decided to combine all of these experiences and insights and launch Friedreich Hospitality, with the objective of establishing the the following basic concept in the corporate world: People always take center stage.For me, the hospitality concept, the focus on people, connects different fields and adds value and significance. I would like to help companies harness the power and potential of service and hospitality so that they can be successful hosts for their customers, their employees and their business partners and raise their guests experience.