Tailored. Effective. Stress-free.

We work with you to create the big picture, carefully putting all of the details in place. What can we do to inspire and delight your guests and customers? We always put ourselves into your guest’s or customer’s shoes; whether it’s in a small business, in the hotel and gastronomy industry, in retail or at fairs or events. What are your guest’s expectations, needs, and wishes? How can we ensure that you as a business owner or event organizer reach your goals? Which business processes could be improved to be more customer friendly? And how can the principles of hospitality be combined effectively with business and entrepreneurship?

We’ll carefully review and optimize your internal customer orientation processes with you. Our tailored concepts are as unique as your company, and as one-of-a-kind as every individual. They are carefully crafted to reflect you and your vision.

If we can create a positive feeling, our guest – your customer – will associate a positive emotion with your company. And it’s positive emotion that turns a guest into a loyal customer. He’ll then recommend you to friends, hold fond memories of doing business with you and return with a good feeling. And that means financial rewards for you.

We see the role of the entrepreneur not just as a business partner or a seller, but as a host, so the relationship with the customer naturally becomes more personal. We don’t see hospitality as an end in itself, but always within the context of the values and objectives of an organization or a company. This makes our approach particularly effective. In recent years, we’ve had the honor of supporting companies from various industries with our services.


Communities & Organizations – 8. Vorarlberger Convention Forum
Hotel & Gastronomy – Hotel Liebnitzmühle
Culinary & Wine – Gerüch{t}eküche
Art & Culture – viennacontemporary
Messen & Kongresse – AC Forum
Sports – FIFA Fußball WM 2018 & Hospitality Leitfaden
Events – Amour Forum Europe 2019