How can I make sure that all my guests feel happy and welcome? Is there a “Host Handbook” or an etiquette guide? It might come naturally to some, but there are many little things that a host can do to make their guests happy and help them have a good time and an outstanding guest experience. Why is this a matter that’s near and dear to my heart? Well, just recently I was trying to find someone who could take my place as a co-host for a private event.  But, what is a co-host exactly? And what does a co-host need to be able to do? I tried listing various tasks that a co-host would have, but I soon realized that I could sum up a co-host’s responsibilities in a single sentence: Make sure the guest feels at home!

Although the main goal of hosting can be summed up easily, I would still like to mention a few key pointers to help you be a relaxed and attentive host for your guests:

  • Plan the event early enough in advance and prepare for your guests
  • Inform your guests about directions and parking options
  • Welcome your guests warmly
  • Help your guests with their coats, bags, shoes, etc.
  • Offer your guests a drink
  • If the guests don’t know each other, make brief introductions
  • Make sure you have enough food and drinks
  • Be present and do not leave your guests alone for too long
  • Thank your guests for coming and send them off with a sincere and warm good-bye

If you keep these little tricks in mind, you will feel good in your role as a host – and your guests will feel good too. This isn’t just for private gatherings and events either.  For me, every business owner and every employee of a company is a host for his or her guests, customers, and partners. Though it might be on a different level, the distribution of roles, the services and the little touches that create a sense of well-being are very similar.