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How to becomean excellent host?

As a company, our passion is fueled by applying the concept of hospitality, originally drawn from the tourism and gastronomy sectors, to all branches and businesses. Our expertise lies in ensuring that your employees, customers, and partners feel welcomed and cared for. Our strategy to achieve these goals includes analyzing all interpersonal touchpoints, developing unforgettable and individual moments, and maintaining a high-quality standard through immersive workshops and training sessions.


Together, we will guide your project to success. We will accompany you from the initial idea to the conception and later implementation.


As hospitality consultants, we are the connecting link between you as an entrepreneur and your customers as guests.


Whether she’s giving a service training or a keynote, if there’s anyone who’s passionate about hospitality, it’s Christine.

Added Value

For companies across sectors and industries that seekto transform their guests into devoted fans.

Just as a hotelier is a host to their guests, an entrepreneur plays host to their employees, customers, and partners. To retain and inspire them, it is essential to attend to their needs and offer them a daily experience.

Brand Identity needs Experience.

We apply the principles of hospitality, originally drawn from the tourism and gastronomy sector, and extend them to all industries, creating an emotional connection to your brand.

Your customer. Our guest.

Individuals who experience exceptional treatment are more likely to stay and return. We create hospitality moments that convert your customers and employees into loyal fans.

Our values.

We embody empathy and authenticity. We consistently strive for excellence and think and act holistically. Our curiosity drives our innovation.

What ourcustomers say.

What our customers say.


We stand by your side.

The art of hospitality is not just about welcoming your customers, but creating a warm and friendly atmosphere, triggering WOW moments in them to give them an experience even within a “normal” appointment. In this way, you ensure that all your guests are delighted and satisfied. Together we would like to achieve exactly that – we create hospitality moments! With our extensive know-how from various industries and our accumulated experience, we ensure that you leave the best possible impression and strengthen the personal relationship with your customers, employees and partners.

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In our role as hospitality consultants, we support organizations and companies in recentering their focus on the guests well-being. We primarily address questions about what constitutes excellent hospitality and how companies can optimize their service orientation. In a world where products and services are constantly comparable and easily replaceable, this approach is more critical than ever. However, recognizing the need for support in enhancing service quality can be challenging. Are you prepared for it? If so, let’s embark on the journey to enhance your corporate hospitality together!

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