Making the simple complicated is common practice.

Making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.

One face? Two faces?  Two brackets? The letter F? When it came to our brand identity, it was important to me to find something out of the ordinary. An uncommon brand that’s simple yet memorable. Something that didn’t yet exist. Many people have wondered: how can you survive on the market for four years without a logo or any online presence and stay one step ahead of the competition?

Our brand building process began in 2013 and was finally created and fine-tuned at the end of 2017. Just as with our naming process, in the end, I decided for a “less is more” concept and a brand that conveys simple elegance. Something crucial for projects where we deal with both customers and guests was the ability to focus on the essentials. It’s a people’s business. We deal with people every day. We strive to be the common connecting bracket. We want to support you in becoming a good host. On the one hand, we’re the link between you, as organizers or companies, and your guests or customers. On the other hand, we’re here to support you as the host. So we put ourselves out there, living hospitality for you and with you.

What about events? Here’s where the connecting bracket can be seen as a curtain opening up to the guest. Friedreich or F in the bracket? Friedreich. Like many, I had about 500 names for my company. I wanted a coined word made up of two compound words that means something positive. After various brainstorming and creative meetings, FRIED and REICH gave us just that. Peace, contentment, tranquility…. with a plethora of guests, hospitality and friends. Those are the values ​​we want to live by and offer to the world!