Following this thought, my team and I packed our backpacks with our stuff, and our questions, in September and headed out to the FAQ forum in Vorarlberg. During the long train ride, inspiring conversations and creative ideas were born. The warm hospitality of Vorarlberg’s people was already evident on the train.

You leave the bustle of everyday life behind and suddenly a space is created. Your thoughts can move freely. The FAQ forum in the impressive Bregenz Forest is a platform with a festival feel, culinary delights and loads of discussion material. People with completely different backgrounds come together. But one thing matters most – HOSPITALITY is a top priority! Guest service is the focus. The variety of locations, be it nothing more than an impressive wood-scented carpentry workshop, made for many surprising moments. The warmth of the FAQ team was noticeable everywhere. Whether it was the team members’ smiles at the welcome reception, or the friendly chef, who sparked heartfelt conversations while he cooked delicious slow food, you could immediately see that everyone involved was on fire for the event. These are exactly the values ​​that we like to convey to the companies we host, so that they can then trigger that feeling in their customers.

We were particularly fascinated by one discussion topic: “Are you the pilot of your own life?” Let’s pause on that. I’d like to encourage you to reflect on that. What goes through your head? What do you care about? What would you like to change about your life? During the FAQ, my team and I came up with new ideas. Creative thoughts were stimulated and one thing is sure… we’ll be back next year! I look forward to any exciting ideas that you’d like to share with me. Have you already participated in the FAQ forum? Tell me about your experience.